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  • What is the map coordinates of Muda Lake Jetty and Earth Lodge?
    Its N 6° 7.263', E 100° 51.619' for the Jetty and N 6° 6.920', E 100° 57.810' for Earth Lodge
  • How long does it take to get to the Muda Lake Jetty?
    The distance from three places and the approximate travel time to the Muda lake Jetty as follows: Kuala Perlis / Kangar, Perlis: 120km (2 hours) Kuala Kedah /Alor Star, Kedah : 75km (1 ½ hours) George Town / Butterworth, Penang: 150km (2 hours)
  • If I drive, can I park my car at the jetty and is it safe?"
    You can park anywhere appropriate around the jetty area. Just make sure you don’t block others or hinder traffic flow. Yes, it is relatively safe. Earth Lodge however cannot be responsible for any losses.
  • Can I get a refund if I cancel the trip at the last minute?
    Yes you can, provided the cancellation or postponement is not less than 14 days before the trip.
  • How long is the boat ride?
    It usually takes between an hour to two hours to get to Earth Lodge. That’s a distance of about 14km. If the lake and river water level happens to be low, travel time by boat can take up to 5 hours. But such long journeys are rare. Be prepared to get off the boat to push. As always in these situations, try to have fun! We recommend you not wear any footwear during the journey and always wear the life vest provided.
  • What kind of boat will we be traveling in for the transfer to Earth Lodge?
    We use the local villager’s wooden sampan (small boat) to ferry guests. Although we can buy and use our own boats, we prefer to support local communities. We also support local communities in other ways. We usually fit three average adults in a sampan and these sampans do not have any cover to protect you from the weather so please dress and pack appropriately. A wide brim hat and sun block lotion is helpful. We will provide a tarp to cover luggage in case it rains.
  • How much luggage can I carry?
    Because of the limited space available on the boats, try to limit your luggage to about a 45 - 60 liter rucksack (or equivalent) depending on how many days you are staying. Let us know in advance if you have extra luggage particularly if they are bulky (multiple cameras, large lenses or a broadcast video camera). We can plan to accommodate these items. You can ask your departing hotel if you can store your extra luggage with them if you plan to return there after visiting Earth Lodge. Alternatively, you can keep your extra luggage in our storeroom at the Muda Lake Jetty. However, we only recommend you keep items of no value here. If keeping stuff in your car, ensure your luggage is stored in the car’s trunk / boot and away from prying eyes. Again, only items of no value only.
  • Are there a lot of mosquitoes?
    There is usually not a lot of mosquitoes. However, sometimes there are more than usual so, it is a good idea to be prepared and bring along insect repellant (one made from natural ingredient is highly encouraged). We do not allow normal household insect spray to be brought to Earth Lodge. These sprays contain too many harmful chemicals. We also do not allow any insect or mosquito repellant that emits harmful smoke or vapors.
  • Do you provide mosquito nets?
    No we do not provide mosquito nets in our rooms and dorms. The reason is that we usually do not have a big mosquito problem in the rooms and dorms. However, you are free to bring your own personal mosquito net if you would like to. If you do decide to bring your own, please ask our staff to help you set it up.
  • Is it necessary to protect myself against Malaria, Dengue or other tropical viruses?"
    We always feel that it is better to be safe than sorry. So yes, do take your anti-Malaria pills as prescribed by the manufacturer. Apart from the possibility of contracting Malaria in the jungle, Dengue is also prevalent in urban areas of Malaysia. Please check with your regular health practitioner on requirements for travelers to Malaysia and South East Asia.
  • Should I bring a sleeping bag?
    Earth Lodge will provide camp beds, sleeping bags and air pillows in dorms. You are welcome to bring your own sleeping gear if you prefer. All beddings will be provided in our standard rooms.
  • Should I bring cash?
    There is no need to bring cash to Earth Lodge. There is nothing to spend on! Our package includes nearly everything you may need. Having said that, there is no harm bringing some cash (around RM150 is sufficient) just in case of emergencies.
  • What is your policy on Tipping
    We have no problem with our staff or people working with us be given tips in appreciation for their hard work. We recommend tips be between RM20 – 50 per person.
  • What footwear should I bring?
    It would be good to have two pairs of footwear when visiting Ulu Muda. One for use around the lodge and one for hiking into the jungle. The latter should be well padded, covered and with laces. Some guests just go barefooted around the lodge! NOTE: We DO NOT allow any footwear with studs along trails and PARTICULARLY inside caves.
  • How far is the nearest hospital or other medical facilities?
    The nearest hospital or medical facilities are at Kuala Nerang or Sik. Both are about a 30 minute drive from the Muda Lake Jetty. We recommend you bring any medication you may need. We also have a basic First Aid Kit just in case.
  • What type of toilet facilities is provided?
    Toilets are of the flushable sitting type and are attached to all rooms. We do not provide any toiletries like soaps and shampoos nor do we provide towels. So please bring your own toiletries and towels.
  • Is there electrical supply?
    Being located smack in the middle of the jungle, we are lucky to even have electrical supply via a small generator. However, this supply may be irregular due to the difficulty of getting it fixed if there is a breakdown. It always pays to be prepared for such a situation by bringing along a torchlight or two. Make sure you bring spare batteries too. We will provide lamps if necessary.
  • Isn’t using a diesel / petrol generator against your policy of minimizing your environmental foot print?
    Yes, it would be. However, we are working to install a renewable source of energy namely solar and perhaps supplementing it with a small emergency gen-set. These things take time. We just took over this facility in mid-May of 2011. The current very large diesel generator came preinstalled by the owner (the State government) when we took over the facility.
  • How about piped water supply?
    Like electricity, we are lucky to have piped water supply. However, this supply is not suitable for drinking as we obtain the raw water by pumping it using a petrol powered pump from Sg Labua and is not filtered or processed in any way. It is only suitable for bathing and cleaning only. Also like our electric supply, our water supply may also be irregular for the same reasons. We do have a portable pump to tide us over when the main pump is out of commission. Still bathing in the river is still popular among guests!
  • Is drinking water provided?
    Yes, we provide drinking water. The water supplied through taps around Earth Lodge is unfiltered and untreated river water and is not meant for drinking. RO (Reverse Osmosis) drinking water is available at the dining area. As a policy, we do not allow throw-away plastic mineral or drinking bottles. Please bring reusable bottles.
  • Again, using a petrol powered pump is not environmentally friendly ….."
    We agree and just like the generator set, it came preinstalled. We are working to replace the pump with an electric pump which will be powered by solar generated electricity in the future. Not only would it be better for the environment, it would almost be quiet! However, plans are afoot to install a gravity fed water supply system that needs absolutely NO power supply at all and obviously, no noise! We are currently looking for volunteers to help us in this project.
  • Can I bring my own food?
    Although we provide all meals and snacks, feel free to bring your own food and snacks if you like. We do want you to feel at home!
  • I’m vegetarian. Can you cater for me?
    Yes, we can. However, please inform us of your requirements at least 2 weeks before the trip or when you make booking. That will help us prepare.
  • Do you serve alcoholic beverages?
    Nope. At the moment, we do not provide alcoholic beverages. You are free to bring your own though. We can however provide alcoholic beverages upon prior request and at a reasonable charge. However, we have to limit that to beers only.
  • Can I recharge batteries of my mobile phone, camera, computer, etc?"
    Yes, you can charge your batteries while at Earth Lodge. As mentioned before, we have an irregular supply of electricity. As always, please ensure you bring enough batteries for your electronic equipment just in case.
  • If I need to leave Earth Lodge in a hurry, are there boats available?"
    Boats are always available at Earth Lodge to ferry you out if needed. We do not charge for this service.
  • How do I get to the Muda Lake Jetty by public transport and how much does it cost?
    Public buses services are irregular although they are cheap. Sg Petani is the starting point for these buses. Also, buses do not reach the jetty. Instead they will only go up to Sik while buses from Alor Star will go up to Kuala Nerang. From here you can try getting a taxi to go to Gubir which is about 2km from the Muda Lake Jetty. Taxis are also available from Butterworth, Sg Petani and Alor Star but, they are expensive and taxi drivers from here may not know how to get to the Muda Lake Jetty. Best you contact us and we will help arrange van or car transfers for you.
  • Are there leeches on the trails and in the jungle?
    Like most forests in the Asian Tropics, leeches are to be expected. They do not really pose any health dangers apart from the annoyance of continuous dripping blood (Their bite causes our blood to not coagulate thus the continuous dripping). It is recommended that you get yourself a good leech socks ( or They cost between RM12-45.
  • Are there any means of communication at Earth Lodge?
    There is no land line, mobile signal or internet access at Earth Lodge. We like to think that this is one of the nice side benefits of being smack in the middle of the jungle! Let our staff know if there is a need to communicate with the outside and we will try to help.
  • Does earth Lodge have a First Aid Kit?
    Yes we do have a basic First Aid Kit. However, we recommend you bring some basic medicine of your own. If you are under any sort of medication or have any health problems, please inform us when you make bookings. Again, please ensure you have the specific medication for your condition. Remember we are located smack in the middle of the jungle and medical care is about 2 hours by boat plus another 45 minutes by road away. Please take this seriously.
  • Can I be contacted in an emergency?
    Although we like to think that being uncontactable while at Earth Lodge as a virtue, in an extreme emergency, you can have a relative or friend phone or Whatsapp us at +6019 480 892. Leave a short concise message and we will have your message forwarded to you.
  • What is your policy on children?
    We do not allow children under 13 years old to visit Earth Lodge. Apart from insurance issues, Earth Lodge is located in a remote area without reliable communication and access. We cater to adults and older children thus, do not have activities or facilities for younger children.
  • Can we bring our pet?
    Sorry, we cannot allow pets or any domesticated animals. We regard Ulu Muda as a conservation area thus, it is highly inappropriate to introduce non native animals even for short periods.
  • Would fishing be allowed?
    We do not encourage nor promote fishing among our guests. The aquatic life in Ulu Muda has been over exploited over the years. Because of this and the fact that little is known of Ulu Muda’s aquatic life, we discourage fishing in any form. Even catch and release. We are working with researchers to learn more about the current status of Ulu Muda’s aquatic life and how it should be sustainably managed. We hope you support and understand our concerns. However, we would not stop guests from fishing.
  • How should I dress when at Ulu Muda?
    It would be easier to tell you what not to wear …. avoid wearing bright conspicuous colors if you want to maximize your chances of seeing wildlife. Best to wear clothes in khaki and other earth tones. Some people prefer long pants and long sleeves shirt or t-shirt while others shorts and short sleeve t-shirt. It’s a personal preference. Light and breathable clothes are best while heavy materials like jeans are unsuitable.
  • What is your policy on music and Karaoke?
    Most of our guest travel all the way to be in the jungle to listen to the music (sounds) of the rainforest. We therefore do not allow any sound making device that delivers sound via speakers. You are welcome to listen to your music through your personal head or ear phones. It goes without saying that Karaoke is not allowed.
  • Can I get a discount if I don’t want to do any of the activities and just relax at the lodge?
    Sorry, no. All our packages include the activities whether you want to do it or not.
  • Is Ulu Muda a Protected Area?
    Although Ulu Muda is a Forest Reserve under the National Forestry Act and is accorded with some manner of protection, most conservationists do not consider it as a protected area as defined by the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN). However, Earth Lodge together with our conservation partner WWF Malaysia is actively engaging with the Kedah State Government to have the area gazette as a protected area under an appropriate legislation. We are pleased to announce that the state has been positive to our suggestions and in the midst of active discussions with relevant stakeholders to gazette a portion of the area as a State Park. This we feel is a good start indeed!
  • Why is Ulu Muda Important for Conservation?
    Ulu Muda has been recognized a long time ago as an important area for mega fauna or large mammals. Elephants, Tapirs, Rhinoceros, Tigers, Leopards and Gaurs are among the large mammals known to call Ulu Muda home. In addition, the Greater Ulu Muda Forest Landscape is an important catchment area for three dams that supply water to help irrigate Malaysia’s largest and most important rice growing area. It is appropriately known as Malaysia’s Rice Bowl. This area supplies a little more than 40% of Malaysia’s rice needs. Lastly, it is among the few areas of lowland forest still found in Peninsular Malaysia (most have been cleared for agriculture) and is among the least know and least studied area. Due to this, much more needs to be done to learn about the area’s biodiversity.
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