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Earth Lodge

Earth Lodge is a small ecolodge with only 14 basic but comfortable rooms. Being small helps us reduce the lodge’s impact on the fragile environment and ensure the site retains its isolated and tranquil feel.


Located smack in the middle of the rainforest, some 14km by boat across Lake Muda and up Muda River by boat, the remoteness provides a nice respite for our guests seeking a getaway from their city lives.


Whether you're here for an adventure or to take a break, we will have just the package for you. Check out our packages and facilities!

Ulu Muda

Ulu Muda is a lush and remote tropical rainforest spanning 160,000 hectares located in Kedah, northern Malaysia. Home to our precious flora and fauna, it is an important site for Malaysia’s natural treasures.


Explore jungle trails, rivers, limestone hills, caves, and saltlicks while you enjoy boat rides and observe wildlife during your stay in this magnificent forest.


"The earth has music for those who listen."

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