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Access a list of publications by the media and our partners to learn more about the current issues surrounding Ulu Muda.

WWF-Malaysia, 2022

Jewel of Kedah: Ulu Muda Forest

This 96-page coffee table book highlights the importance, uniqueness and beauty of the Ulu Muda forest Complex, an important water catchment area in Kedah. It features fascinating images and findings from the field compiled by WWF-Malaysia’s Protected Areas team under the Peninsular Malaysia Terrestrial Conservation programme. Download the coffee table book at the link.

The Star, 2020

Ulu Muda Forest Reserve: Fragile nature left unprotected

The Ulu Muda Forest Reserve is rich in biodiversity but all this could soon disappear if nothing is done to protect the natural habitat and wildlife.

New Straits Times, 2020

Ulu Muda should be protected for all Malaysians

Read the author Elena Koshy's take on her realization of the importance of nature for the survival of mankind, the role of Ulu Muda as a key water catchment area in Malaysia, as well as the threats it faces.

New Straits Times, 2019

The enchanted forest of Ulu Muda

The rainforest can feel both inviting and primordially ominous. There’s alluring comfort among these great trees that embrace your presence and soften your footsteps. What lies beyond the curtain of mist and trees are unknowns: great treasures to be found, or great dangers lurking. 

Buletin Mutiara, 2019

Selamatkan Ulu Muda, wartakan sebagai Taman Negeri

Meliputi 163,103 hektar hutan hujan, Hutan Simpan Ulu Muda (HSUM) seharusnya dilindungi ekoran fungsi penting hutan berkaitan yang menyalurkan 80 peratus bekalan air di Pulau Pinang, Kedah (96 peratus) dan Perlis (70 peratus), malah ia juga membentuk punca air kepada lebih 4.09 juta penduduk serta beribu-ribu perniagaan di kawasan utara Semenanjung.

Malay Mail, 2019

Penang water authority urges Kedah to ban logging in Ulu Muda forest to protect water supply

The Kedah government must protect the rainforest in the greater Ulu Muda Forest Complex by banning all logging works there, the Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP) said today.

Berita Harian, 2019

Ulu Muda terancam

Sumber air bagi hampir empat juta penduduk di tiga negeri - Kedah, Pulau Pinang dan Perlis - dikhuatiri terancam jika kawasan Hutan Simpan Ulu Muda (HSUM) di Kedah tidak diwartakan sebagai Taman Negeri.

The Star, 2017

Turn Ulu Muda into national park

Many are concerned about logging activities within the Ulu Muda Forest Reserve, one of Kedahs most important water catchment forests. The Muda and Pedu dams are the major collection points for clean water, filtered along the drainage basin.

BFM 89.9, 2016

The Quiet Destruction of Ulu Muda

Hymeir Kamaruddin, an eco-guide and Director of Earth Lodge, who has been exploring and working in the Ulu Muda area since the late 1990s, joins BFM radio station to talk about what's happening in the forest reserve. 

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