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Our rooms, while not large, are comfortable. Of the 12 rooms, 4 are larger basic rooms that can accommodate up to 6 guests per room dormitory style, while the other rooms should comfortably accommodate 2 guests to a room .


Each room has an attached bathroom with shower, sitting toilet and a spacious balcony overlooking the forest.



  1. Rooms - Traditional Malay room accomodation with 2 single kapok matresses on a raised platform (all bedding provided) with an attached bathroom.

  2. Dorms - Dormitory accomodation with attached bathroom. Camp bed, sleeping bag and air pillow provided.

Lodge Areas

The Makan Place (makan means “eat” in Malay) is our spacious dining area. It is the main focal point for guests as it doubles up as our meeting point. A place to socialize, chat and compare notes of the days' activities.


You don't have to worry about food as our local guides and boatmen also double as chefs! Local meals will be prepared and served fresh here.


The Ulu Muda Field Research Center is located a stone-throw away and is where researchers stay and do their work.


Electrical supply is via a small petrol generator set to run lights and fans in the evenings. We recently installed a small solar electrical system powering only the lights at the Makan Place. We plan to fully run on solar power in the near future with the petrol generator set providing back-up power. We hope to invest further on sustainable energy and waste disposal systems over the next few years.


Piped water supply is available in all rooms and at the Makan Place. As the water is untreated river water, it is only suitable for bathing, brushing teeth and cleaning. Reverse Osmosis drinking water is available at the Makan Place.


"There is no wifi in the forest, but I promise you you'll find a better connection."

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