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Ulu Muda Field Research Center (UMFRC)

UMFRC aims to promote a scientific field study of Ulu Muda. Earth Lodge prioritizes and supports projects that directly contribute to the protection and the better management of the area. Sustainable Tourism and Community related projects are also encouraged.

Past & on going projects

sambar deer.png

Camera trapping of mammals at selected Saltlick of Ulu Muda (WWF Malaysia/Earth Lodge)

P4261308 XX.jpg

Fisheries survey of Muda Lake (WWF Malaysia)


Hornbill survey with focus on the Plain-pouched Hornbills (Malaysian Nature Society/Earth Lodge)


Survey and Mapping of trails around Kuala Labua


Survey and Mapping of Saltlicks of the Ulu Muda Forest Reserve (Earth Lodge)

Future projects


Rapid Survey of Large Cats of Ulu Muda


Butterfly and Moth Inventory


Controlling Boat Access to control and prevent Illegal Activities


Rapid Survey of Elephants


Reptile and Amphibian Inventory


Small Mammals Inventory

Fish Caught in Hook

Aquatic life Inventory



A private Malaysian conservation organization. They are actively working in Ulu Muda.

Save Ulu Muda

Also known as Friends of Ulu Muda (FOUM). A coalition of non-governmental organizations concerned about Ulu Muda with the objective of securing stronger protection and better management of the Greater Ulu Muda area. The ultimate aim is to secure the area as a viable protected area.

Malaysia Nature Soceity

Malaysia's largest and oldest membership based conservation organization.


"Look deep into nature. And then you will understand everything better."

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